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100% authentic, comfortable and highly durable slippers at the lowest prices. Directly imported from Brazilian suppliers.

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At Schumart, we are dedicated to providing comfortable and trendy footwear at affordable prices. From slippers to sandals, shoes to stilettos, we have them all here just for you.

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3 Simple Tips To Spot Fake Havaianas

3 Simple Tips To Spot Fake Havaianas

Spotting a fake pair of Havaianas is the difference between walking in comfort and blisters on your foot. But how to do you tell the fake ones from the real ones? Next time you are in doubt, just use these...

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Where to Buy Havaianas in Singapore

Where to Buy Havaianas in Singapore

What are Havaianas? Asked no one, ever. The chances that you haven’t seen or heard of them are close to none. But just in case, here’s a quick introduction and why they’re considered the world’s most popular flip-flops sandals today....

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