3 Simple Tips To Spot Fake Havaianas

3 Simple Tips To Spot Fake Havaianas

Spotting a fake pair of Havaianas is the difference between walking in comfort and blisters on your foot. But how to do you tell the fake ones from the real ones?

Next time you are in doubt, just use these 3 simple tips to analyse the Havaianas slippers before making a purchase.

1) The Base


Thin, poorly defined dots on the outsole of the flip-flops are signs that the Havaianas sandals are not genuine.

A barely visible brick pattern on the outsole is another sign of a fake Havaianas.


There will be a prominent and well-finished rice grain pattern on the footbed.

The deep brick patterns on the outsole make the Havaianas slippers non-slip and water-resistant.

2) The Strap


Poor finishing of the Greek key pattern on the strap.

Imitations tend to turn yellow and have poor finishing in the trademark ‘HAVAIANAS’ logo. They sometimes even have the wrong spelling!


You will see a prominent Greek key pattern on the strap together with a well-finished 'HAVAIANAS' logo.

There should also be the size number of the sandals at the base of the strap itself. If your slipper is Brazilian size 37/38, the size 37/38 should be reflected on the base of the strap as well.

3) Comfort


Imitations tend to feel lighter and lose its original shape and colour easily (especially the rice grain pattern on footbed),

The slippers also smell after wearing for a short period of time.

Furthermore, they wear-off easily and do not dry up quickly when they are wet.


The original Havaianas slippers feel more weighted and are able to retain its original shape and colour.

They remain odour-free and can last for a very long time. The base of the flip-flops do not wear off easily and dry up quickly as they get wet.

They also get more comfortable as you wear it!

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